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Bjoern Malkmus has more to say on the subject.

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Hello Ray,

>> In updating the AEG records I not you have A. du-bois-reymondiae.
>> Is this from Kaichen Nursery or some one who imports from them?
>> If so, it is not correctly named. It should be A. engleri.
>> Please let me know so I can correct the records.

Yes, it is from Chen Yi and I was following (passively) the discussion
on Arisaema-l.
I actually received two "du-bois-reymondiae" from Kaichen and one from
a supplier of Kaichen plants in Denmark. So far one of the A-24 turned
out to be aff. A. erubescens, which I still have to determine, the two
others definitely do not correspond to A. du-bois-reymondiae due to a
lacking number of leaflets, however I doubted whether they are A.
engleri, as they are remarkably different from another A. engleri I
cultivate (received as "A. sikokianum", A-36 I think, from Chen Yi as
well). If a real A. engleri does not show three leaves with a total of
seven leaflets, then my A-24 are indeed A. engleri and the A-36 is
another species.

The pictures of A-24 shown at Eric Gouda's
idenfication page do correspond to the plants A-24 I cultivate,
however both specimens flowered and the flower was at the same level as
leaves whereas at Gouda's page one specimens features a flowering stem
which is remarkably longer then the leaf stem. So I must admit that I
am still "kind of" confused.

Anyway one of my A-24 is setting seeds and as long as I don't know the
true name of this plant I think it might be better not to distribute
seeds to AEG, as apparently there have been sent not only two but
various species under one and the same name/number in a couple of cases.


Bjorn Malkmus

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