Jim McClements, Dover, DE z6 JimMcClem at AOL.COM
Sat Jun 5 15:55:00 CEST 1999

Arisaema triphyllum 'NLC', seeds of which have been made available to the AEG
by Ray Stilwell, is flowering here for the first time and is a very pretty,
unusual form of this species. They are small plants with what can best be
described as a multicolored spathe. The spathe tube is very pale green with
darker striping, but overlain with a pearly-white finish, difficult to
describe, but unique. The interior of the tube has reddish-brown, almost a
russet, stripes which extend into the blade which is a very dark
maroon-black. I'm struggling with words here, but I hope that some of the
rest of the group are seeing this plant flower. It's a great addition to the
varied forms of our common native "jack", and apparently comes true from seed.

Ray, how about giving us some more details?


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