A. bathycoleum

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On last year's trip Li Heng was emphatic that not to much reliance should be
placed on that art work.  I hope the english edition will be OK.  Comments
were particularly aimed at Flora Yunnanica.
Greg Ruckert
Australian Areae Collection

>>       Thanks for the explanation regarding A.
>So, if the drawings in the Flora of China and Flora Reipublicae Polularis
>Sinicae (FRPS), and Flora Yunnanica are all wrong...no wonder we have a
>mess.  Were these drawings not based on actual specimens?  If so, any idea
>how such a mistake occurred?
>>       It is true that the leaves of A. sp. 1 match closer the drawing of
>saxitale in the above publications.
>>       The flowers on A. sp. 1 however are never upright at any time for
us, and
>always emerge a shiny green.  They do turn yellow upon fading.  There is a
>delightful fragrance of lemon that we had not noticed before.
>>       If A. odoratum, to which I can find no reference has three
leaflets, then
>we can discard this also and return to A. saxitale, albeit with some

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