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Jim is certainly correct thet A. taiwanense is a candidate, As he
suggested, the spathe color
will be a good clue.

Here is a description:

A. taiwanense J. Murata

A magnificent species, with python-skinned stems rising to 36", topped
with an enormous umbrella of 15 leaflets, each tipped by filaments up to
12" in length. With purple hooded spathe and long, pendant spadix it is a
dramatic plant. Note that the central leaflet turns down when the
leaflets unfold.

There are beautiful variants that possess a remarkable pewter overlay on
the foliage, with the same dramatic stem and flowers of the species. It
is, apparently, a naturally occurring deviation in wild populations of
Taiwan. These are  breathtaking foliage plants.

I have updated the A. consanguineum description to include the larger
number of leaflets Guy Gusman
describes in his papers.

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