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M. Hachadourian mhach at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Jun 1 13:39:41 CEST 1999

Tony, Jim, and others-

I believe that one of the problems that
we are having here is that the plants
that were sent out by Kaichen as all the
same are sometimes several different
things. In the first group order put
together by Jan Renfroe I received
"A.saxatile" labeled as saxatile whereas
some people received a Typhonium
species. So even though people are
referring to sp#x they may be looking at
two different things. All the tubers
that I received bloomed to be the same
plant. They also had a noticeable
fragrance but, not all the time.This
year I received some of sp#1 from Chen
Yi. They are just starting to show their
flowers and look like they are going to
be the same as what I received last year
as saxatile. (tony) Perhaps it is
possible that you received a tuber that
bloomed out to be A.bathycoleum?. I
posted a photo of my unknown (sp# ) and
had it ID as bathycoleum. On the
saxatile/odoratum problem-remember even
"good taxonomists" have described the
same species twice. It all depends on
what material they had to start with.
.    On the note of fragrance- it is not
always the best character to id plants.
Floral fragrances are not always
detectable by everyone. They can also
vary from time of day, temperature, etc.
(I am sure no news flash there).
I am fascinated at the thought of
all the "new" forms of candidissimum
that are appearing. Although the spadix
length differs on my individual plants
of candidissimum (all from Ellen's
plants)  even from year to year. I never
checked to see if it differs if the
flower is female or male.

I have to go out to the benches and see
what else is blooming. Some of the
erubescens are starting to show. WOW!
some of the pattering on the sheath that
protects the leaflet is worth it alone.

Here is the link on what I had ID as
bathycoleum. My "saxatile" is on roy
herolds page.

Looking forward to clearing up this mess


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