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Richard,  Try A. consanguineum. Here is the description from document

"A. consanguineum (L.) Schott

This species has tall snakeskin-mottled stems of 24 in., but which may
reach as high as 40 in. The "parasol" is a classic radiatisect leaf but
one with narrow, numerous, ruffled leaflets (typically 14 and never less
than 11, and 16 max.). This is consistently more leaflets than
A.erubescens with which this is sometimes equated.
The leaflets often terminate in thread-like tips up to 3 inches long.

The leaves are borne just above a large, elongated spathe which has a
white ring at the base, with a diverging spathe tube of green, infused to
some extent with light to dark-brown. The spathe extension (limb) is
broad and upturned, and is green or brown, the whole striped with brown.

In other variations, the purplish striped spathe arises from the leaf
petiole just under the foliage, with a short spadix and a pendulous
spathe with a long, acuminate tip. There is a form in the garden of John
Gwynne which has a long, narrow red-purple spathe, surrounding a short,
rounded spadix.

In still other variations, the spadix is white at the base turning to
green then usually to brown. It is thick and shaped like and indian club.

Seed heads are strongly conical and elongated and are held
downwards-facing on a short stalk, they are not hanging, but are held
stiffly upside down. A. consanguineum is readily grown outside in the
garden and even a small clump is quite spectacular.  It is a diploid, 2n
= 28.

It's distribution in the wild is from the E. Himalays to the Western
Hills above Kunming in Yunnan Province. The latter population has many
divided leaflets with long drip-tips atop stems to 3', and in woodland
sites, mature plants can rise to nearly 6' in height.

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