ID Help

Richard Fraser thimble at SALTSPRING.COM
Wed Jun 2 08:10:36 CEST 1999

Hello experts.  I have been trying to ID these plants described below.  They
originated from the NARGS seed exchange  Labeled as Arisaema franchetianum.

This species has tall snakeskin-mottled stems at least to 60cm. one
sometimes two   classic radiatisect leaves with narrow, numerous, leaflets
(varies from 9to 29 on seven plants that I forced for IDing)  Each leaflet
ends in a7-10cm drooping thread like tip.Spathe brownish with lid which
terminates with a thread like tip.  Spadix is mottled brown and is like a
fattened tongue depressor.  Tuber resembles that of A.flavum.  Any guess?

Richard Fraser

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