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Tue Jun 1 20:55:43 CEST 1999

In a message dated 6/1/99 12:07:20 PM, tony at PLANTDEL.COM writes:

<<  A. sp. 1 was stunning, and was I'd as the true A. bathycoleum. >>


Thanks for the info. However, I just reviewed the postings that I had saved
from last year, and one of yours says that Sp #1 is "certainly" A. saxatile.
Guy also identified the picture from Chen Yi as the same. Bobbie L-D thought
it was A. odoratum. Who ID'd it now as A. bathycoleum?

There was agreement that what had been sent out as "Arisaema saxatile"  was
actually a Typhonium,probably horsefieldii (sp?).

To further confuse this, I just looked at Greg's pictures on his website

According to Chen Yi's first list last fall, her catalog #04 was "Sp #1".
However, as I recall, (don't still have the later listings), catalog #04
later became "A. candidissimum variety" and a lot of the arisaema catalog
numbers below it got bumped down a notch. Sooooo, using Chen Yi's numbers to
insure that we're all talking about the same thing may be fraught with
difficulty and not the "cure-all" that was suggested.  In fact, because of
the change in numbers, I ordered by name, not number.

Greg's photo of Chen Yi's #04 is clearly the white candidissimum ("A.
candidissimum variety") which some of us are apparently watching flower now.

Greg, if you have the names that were sent out with the plants in your
photos, and not just the numbers, it would be helpful to me, and perhaps to
others, if they were inserted onto the page with the numbers. I don't know
what "sp #1" was called in the later list, perhaps #05? And, am I right about

I will also add that since yesterday's posting enough of "A. candidissimum
red" is showing to mark it as what is now being called
"fargesiifranchetianum", not candidissimum. I can hardly wait to see what "A.
candidissimum white" looks like!

This is better than a soap opera. Stay tuned!


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