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<< I have a slight worry about the marble paths in the Arisaema garden. Most
Arisaema like acid conditions . . .Won't the marble leach and reduce the
acidity in time?>>

Good point, Ray.  I will have to re-think that --- I guess I would ahve two
choices -- either use granite pieces, which I could probably obtain the same
way -- or use the marble, which I thought would be unique and elegant, and
add some Muracid once or twice a year --or perhaps I could seal them with a
spar varnish ---

<<Pinellia cordata 'Yamazaki' and Pinellia tripartita 'Atropurpurea' are
indeed delightful.  Of course, ours are long through blooming and the latter
starting to go


I got these from Ellen Hornig, and just love the shape and variegation of the
leaves.  Of course, the blooms are also charming.  They attracted a lot of
attention yesterday, as the gardeners had never seen them before.  I am quite
surprised at the length that the blooms last.

I would be truly pleased if you would trade me some of the 'Yamasaki' seed
for some of my Arisaema seed.  You have the list.  What is of interest to you?

I had not posted my Email to you because I thought it was too much off-topic,
but, of course, I am happy that you thought it interesting enought to share.


Thanks for your interesting E-mail. Your gardens sound delightful. If
you're ever
here in NC, you need to visit Tony Avent's Juniper Level Garden. It is a
wonder to behold. >>

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