Shawne Penwell shawnpenwell at PRODIGY.NET
Wed Jul 21 20:09:54 CEST 1999

I have received several different A's in my "test Garden"  to grow until
identification can be made.   All are from Chen Yi...and all seem to be doing
very well.
I have A. rhombiforme, tri-foliate(triphyllum), Sp. #1(fragrant), bathycileum,
candidissimum(both red and pink), taiwanense, reymondiae(sp?) ,consanguineum,
franchetianum, sikkokianum, and tortuosum. As they grow I will leave it to the
experts to identify. All are together and doing well. My question is will they
cross-pollinate and produce yet another form?

M.Hachadourian wrote:

> Friends-
>  I thought that some might be interested in this little tidbit since we
> have been so quiet lately.
> marc
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> Subject: BIG BULB NEWS
> Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 09:07:37 -0700
> From: Pat Colville <patc at JAMESHARDIE.COM>
> Reply-To: Bulb International Bulb Society E-mail Bulb Robin
> >From this mornings local newspaper:  The Amorphophallus titania at the
> Huntington gardens has a rapidly developing bloom. Countdown to bloom now
> predicting opening next week- about mid week.  California people- this is
> your chance for a rare event.  Patty in Pasadena

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