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Malkmus, Bjoern malkmus at VERWALTUNG.UNI-MAINZ.DE
Sat Feb 20 16:56:07 CET 1999

Dear AEG-members,

being a new member to this group, I' d like to take the opportunity
to briefly introduce myself.
I am a private cultivator of aroids, focusing on aroid genera with
rhizomes/bulbs/corms, of which most are hardy here in Germany. I am
living in zone 8, in the Rhine-Valley, which has a rather mild
climate in contrast to the continental climate in most other parts of
Though I am lucky to already have built up quite a good collection
of plants, I keep on looking for new species -who does not ?- and
therefore I recently created another mailing list for these genera:
Bulbous_Aroids at onelist.com

Following a short introductory despription of the list:
This list had been created to easily exchange seeds, bulbs, corms or
rhizomes between aroiders all over the world and to discuss plants'
cultivation of bulbous species from the familly of Araceae (aroids),
focusing on the following genera: Amorphophallus, Anchomanes
Arisarum, Arisaema, Arum, Biarum, Dracontium, Dracunculus, Pinellia,
Pseudodracontium and others as well.

If you're interested, you may subscribe at:

If you're not already a member of Onelist.com you will be asked to
first become a member and then to subscribe to the list.
The list maintains a searchable archive on the Web. Currently there
are some 70 subscribers to the list, and it keeps growing ...

Best wishes and good growing,

Bjorn Malkmus
malkmus at verwaltung.uni-mainz.de

Following a message I currently sent to Aroid-L, Bulbous_aroids and
arisaema-l concering a source for Dracunculus vulgaris.
I still have 40 bulbs, I would like to "get rid of", so if you might
be interested in 1, 2, 3, ... ;-), please send a short mail stating
your postal address and the amount you'd like to receive (maybe you
know soemone else, you might be interested as well ...).
Bulbs will be ready to be sent by the end of february/first week of

Udate - Source for Dracunculus vulgaris

(...) if anyone is interested in buying one or -hopefully- more
bulbs, please let me know. I am aware that costs for p&p are rather
high in comparison to the States, maybe you know some friends who
would like to receive some as well to share these costs. Payment will
be after you receive the plants (cash in US$ bills only via certified
mail, sorry no cheques or money orders).

The price for 1 bulb of flowering size (7 cm / ca. 2.5 inches in
diameter) will be US$ 3.50

Shipping (first mail) and packaging costs are approx.:
1 to 2 bulbs: US$ 13.00
3 to 5 bulbs: US $ 16.00
6 to 8 bulbs: US$ 19.00
9 to 11 bulbs: US$ 22.00
(Depending on weight this may be a little bit less or more)

Some more information on cultivation:
1.) D. vulgaris is hardy enough for zone 7; to cultivate it in a lower
zone, the bulb can be planted up to 2 feet into the ground.
2.) It grows in any well drained soil (lava-sand-compost mixture is
best to avoid rottening during winter) and a halfshaded to sunny
place and duplicates freely though offsets.
3.) Shipping these bulbs to the US (usually) doesn't face any
problem with regards to plant's inspection. Usually only
"suspicious" plants with roots or still potted with soil all
over will be confiscated by customs. Bulbs, corms, seeds and
other neat looking stuff should pass without any major problem.

An excellent scan of this plant can be seen at:
(Copy both lines into the address line of your browser)

or (thanks, Bill):

I am interested in trading this one for other bulbous aroids as well,
so if you have anything to trade (Arum, Arisaema, Amorphophallus,
Dracontium, Pseudodracontium, etc.) please let me know.

Best wishes

Bjorn Malkmus
malkmus at verwaltung.uni-mainz.de
Bulbous_Aroids-moderator at onelist.com

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