Arisaema seed germination

George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Wed Feb 10 02:00:01 CET 1999


When growing in a confined space under high humidity, one must be very
careful to
make everything exceptionally clean. The baggies need to be new and
clean, the seed
need to be washed thoroughly and even dipped in a 10% chlorox solution
for 5 seconds.
The utensils used should be sterile, and even the paper should be clean.

When I first started to use the method, I used chemist's filter paper
that I boiled to
sterilize. Once I got the process to run free of mold & mildew, I backed
off one thing at a
time - the first being to use brand new paper towels with no decoration
on them.

Still, some seed are contaminated and will rot no matter what. The common
wisdom is
that they weren't viable because of the infection anyway. The same can be
said for seed
started in pots of medium. The difference is that bag people are left
with contaminated
bags while pot people are left with wasted medium and pots to clean.

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