The New & Revised Official AEG Arisaema Page

Jeanne Hannah Jmh98law at AOL.COM
Tue Feb 9 14:00:08 CET 1999

Thank you Roy for your continuing up-dating of the AEG Arisaema Page.  The
cultural  information is terrific, thank you, Jim McClements and Ellen Hornig,
and I have only two questions:  How does one know when the seeds are "ripe"
enough to be collected? Also, next year I'd like to collect seeds from those
of the 70 or so Arisaema that will bloom in our gardens that set seed, but how
does one process the seeds for donation to the AEG Seed Exchange?

The new pictures are wonderful.  I particularly enjoyed the ability to take a
closer look!  The miracles of modern technology are awe-inspiring.

The field notes from the expedition in Yunnan Province, China were
fascinating, and I could only find myself wishing I'd been there, too!  [I've
read so much about China, as the summer of 1997 here was "The summer of China"
when Glen and I read 6 books about China]. When's the next trip, where are you
going, and are novices who are striving to learn as much as possible, who are
experienced in hiking in higher elevations, and are willing to climb steep
hills and hang out 30 feet over the road to collect a speciman if you provide
the parachute, able to join the expedition?

Thanks for the Pinellia photos -- exposed to a new wonder! I'm in trouble now.

Thanks again, Roy.  I will keep watching for the new developments.

Jeanne Hannah
USDA Zone 5b

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