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Roy Herold rrh at GENESIS.NRED.MA.US
Tue Feb 9 03:54:13 CET 1999

At 7:54 PM -0500 2/8/99, Dr. C. R. Waldron is rumored to have typed:

> I add my thanks for the great job you are doing with this page--I
>especially appreciated the nice Pinellia photos.  One thought about
>picture categories--do you need to add a new one for hybrids?  So far
>there's just one but to me A. takedae X sikokianum somehow just doesn't
>belong with the American species.  On the other hand if there was a
>picture of A. dracontium X triphyllum which does occur naturally . . . .
>I guess that's always the problem--which drawer do I put it in, and then
>remember where I put it.
> Clarence

Yes, all of this is a big problem. One of the top secret changes in the
works is to eliminate the existing categories (Sino-Himalayan,
Sino-Japanese, American, Tropical) and switch over to a straight alphabetic
listing. For a number of species, I have found it difficult to draw the
line between Sino-Japanese and Sino-Himalayan, so I think simpler is
better. I will still maintain a note for each species about their origin
and natural range.

Yes, I will be posting a picture of the dracontium x stewardsonii
(triphyllum to some taxonomists) in the near future. I have a copy of the
article in which it was described, and need to scan it in. Apparently this
population is in decline in the wild, and really needs to get into
cultivation someday.

More pinellia photos will be posted sometime tonight.....


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