New Arisaema Page Address

Roy Herold rrh at GENESIS.NRED.MA.US
Sun Feb 7 03:25:25 CET 1999

Our beloved (?) Arisaema Page has not actually moved (it's still on the
same computer), but its address has been updated. For the time being, use:

The Arisaema Page is in the midst of a radical overhaul right now, and is
not quite ready for prime time. I'm adding lots of new pictures, and when
all is said and done there will be close to 400. (Bet you can hardly wait
for the giant, double flowered A. flavum, huh?) Feel free to poke around
for now, but don't be surprised if thingslook funny or some links don't

And please, if anyone, but anyone, out there has some pictures they'd like
to share, please let me know. I recently received one from Ann Chambers in
Scotland (a nice A. speciosum), and more are welcome. I'm more than willing
to scan whatever you have and pay return postage.

Here's another Yippee for Craig-- he has been doing an incredible job. I've
been working on filling seedex orders for NARGS for the past month, and
believe me, it is not an easy job. The AEG seeds I received were packaged
and labeled much better than the NARGS material, and Craig deserves a
heartfelt thank you. Don't forget about those donations, folks. TANSTAAFL.

Just got an inch of snow this evening, on top of bare ground.

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