Arisaema seed germination

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Wed Feb 3 12:47:14 CET 1999

Ray wrote:

>Obviously the Deno Method (paper towels) is not for everyone. A
>commercial grower would
>go mad trying to keep tabs on the radicle emergence and keeping them from
>growing into the paper.
>On the other hand, it works very well for those who start 5 of this and 5
>of that and are more than
>happy to keep tabs on the plants. Transplanting the seed with radicle
>extended is the tricky part.
>It needs to be done immediately as the radicle shows, and carefully.

Here is a real no-brainer that works: You can also take a bit of _moist_
(not wet) sphagnum moss, stuff it in the bag with the seeds and put it in
the crisper until the seeds show signs of germination. As soon as the
radicle shows, pot 'em up and away you go. I soak the seeds overnight and
dust them with sulphur before I do this and don't get mold. I believe that
the sphagnum helps, also.

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