Seeds from A. triphyllum - plain green form

Malkmus, Bjoern malkmus at VERWALTUNG.UNI-MAINZ.DE
Mon Aug 30 21:44:44 CEST 1999

Hello all,

this year was not a very good one for most Arisaema spp. to set
seeds overhere in Germany, it was too cold, too wet, to dry, too hot,
... just a mixture of all imaginable wheathers while they were flowering.

However the specimens of A. triphyllum (completely green form) gave
hundreds of nicely looking seeds, which I cleaned last weekend.
If anyone is interested in trading them (my desiderata list is attached
below), please let me know. Members who don't have anything to
trade at present will have to wait for the AEG Seed Exchange later
this year on the same channel ... I will pass some to Craig to further
distribute them amongst us.


Bj=F8rn Malkmus


Arisaema spp. - all except A. triphyllum
(most wanted, but others are fine as well:
- A. aridum
- A. cordatum
- A. costatum
- A. exappendiculatum
- A. iyoanum
- A. kishidae
- A. kiushianum
- A. maximowiczii
- A. murrayi
- A. scortechinii
- A. shimiense
- A. takedae
- A. tashiroi
- A. taiwanense (var.)
- A. thunbergii (ssp.)
- A. tosaense
- A. utile
- A. vexillatum

Arum conophalloides (= A. rupicola)
Arum creticum
Arum dioscorides (var. cyprium)
Arum euxinum
Arum idaeum
Arum korolkowii
Arum nigrum
Arum pictum

Biarum spp.
Dracunculus canariense
Eminium spp.

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