Greg Ruckert greg at EZI-LEARN.COM.AU
Fri Apr 30 02:23:45 CEST 1999

>Wilbert and Guy:
>        Okay, have y'all gotten together on this A. dilataum from Chen Yi
> We have suggestions on the table for A. elephas var. dilatatum and A.
>wilsonii.  Can we debate these two suggestions back and forth for a while?

I have no reference for the combination "A. elephas var. dilatatum".  Can
someone point me in the right direction for that please.  According to my
notes of discussions with Li Heng "The type specimen of Arisaema dilatatum
is similar to A. wilsonii but A. dilatatum can be distinguished from latter
in having smooth petiole and peduncle, not verrucose."

As far as I am aware Buchet's publication still stands.

Greg Ruckert
Australian Areae Collection

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