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Thu Apr 29 15:59:50 CEST 1999

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<<Wilbert has also proposed that the material
shipped as A. dilatatum is actually A. wilsonii. >>

Tony also raised the question this morning.

I have several plants of each in flower, and although they are quite similar,
there is one marked difference, namely, the very prominent short white hairs
on the stems of A. diatatum. There is a hint of these on A. wilsonii, but the
difference is quite clear, at least on these plants. Of course, that doesn't
mean that the IDs are correct, but I think they are significantly different,
if not different species. Goodness knows, plants have been put in different
species for much less!

Roy also referred to the difference in spathe colors in the "lowly A.
triphyllum". Right now the flashiest arisaema in the garden is a "lowly" A.t.
which I found in N.C. last spring along a road. It is absolutely black and
white, no green anywhere on the spathe, and is easily the prettiest one I've
ever seen.

Also, the elusive A. "ochraceum" has finally flowered and looks not at all
like A. nepenthoides, except for the fact that it came up and flowered before
showing any foliage. It's quite small and has no stem mottling. I've got some
slides and will get some more when the foliage is out.

Jim McClements

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