Wrong-way sikokianum

Donna Maroni dmaroni at EMAIL.UNC.EDU
Thu Apr 29 13:54:19 CEST 1999

>  Last year when my A. sikokianum flowered it was facing towards the center of
> the bed.  I dug a large clump of soil with it and turned it to face the path.
>  Well, this year it is facing the center of the bed again.  Does sikokianunm
> or any other arisaema flower facing a certain direction?  My sikokianum likes
> to face north.  Maybe I should move it to the other side of the path:-)>
> Mike Bordelon Greenbelt, MD  zone 7

Last year, when I complained of the same thing, my ever-helpful friend Ray
Stillwell wasn't clever enough to suggest I move my gorgeous A.
sikokianum to the other side of the path.  Oh no--Ray suggested I move the
path!  I have a few of these things, and this they're facing every which
way, but none directly toward the path.  Perverse!

Donna Maroni

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