A. du-bois-reymondiae

Roy Herold rrh at GENESIS.NRED.MA.US
Wed Apr 28 04:45:42 CEST 1999

I have some new pictures from Wilbert Hetterscheid posted on the A. bockii
page on the Arisaema site. He believes that Chen Yi's A. du-bois-reymondii
is a green-spathed form of A. bockii/engleri, and that her A. sikokianum
offering is a purple-spathed form of the same.

Find them at:


then go to Sino-Japanese, then to A. bockii. While you're at it, go to
Sino-Himalayan and take a look at some of the new A. flavum additions,
including the infamous double-flowered form.

More to follow, and Wilbert will explain all when he returns from vacation.


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