A. du-bois-reymondiae

George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Mon Apr 26 01:56:16 CEST 1999

The subject plants were imported from China and are new to me. So I offer
the following
observations in hopes of properly identifying them.

Leaves 2.

Leaflets 5, even though there are only 3 petioles like in trifoliate
The side leaves are paired from a single petiole while the central leaf
has it's own petiole
all of which emanate from a green stem.

Leaflets are similar in size with the second of the pairs somewhat
They appear ovate and almost entire with just some small rippling at the

There are streaks of black pigment at various locations
on the leaflets as if they had been scratched. This is true for both
plants and in identical
locations. There are also a few black pigmented elongated spots on
portions of the leaflets.
Leaflets are up to 11.4 cm x 6.4 cm and fairly uniform in size. There are
no obvious signs
of veins in the leaflet surface which has a rumpled appearance.

The spathe is green with yellowish-white stripes with limb held
horizontal. There are 7 stripes on the
limb, the central one being wider. The limb tip is pointed and the entire
edge is trimmed in a
thin black stripe. The spathe stands 9 cm tall with 4.4 cm limb.

The spadix is cylindrical, very pale green, straight and within the

The plant is about 31 cm tall with the inflorescence top level with the
Both leaves and the inflorescence emanate together  from the reddish
brown stalk
which is about 12 cm tall from which the 3 green stems arise. A short one
for the
inflorescence, 1 long one for each leaf.

The black stripe edging the spathe limb is quite decorative. I have not
seen this before.
The leaflets are not beautiful, marred somewhat by the black streaks, and
have a sort of
rumpled look about them even though they seem quite healthy.

Guy, Tony, everyone - what more can I tell you to help confirm the ID?
Paul, does this seem to agree with your A. du-bois-reymondiae?

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