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<< I have lots of sprouting Arisaema seedlings from different sources and a
close look reveals that the first leaf of certain species is 'entire'
whereas others are opening with a tripartite leaf. Is there anything to say
about this ? Different sections ?

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't kept track of this feature of seedlings,
but I have to think that it could be an important feature to note in our
efforts to sort out the species that seem to be appearing on the scene almost
too fast. I have the impression that Guy Gusman DOES make note of
trifoliolate seedlings in his records. It would seem to make sense that we
should have some sort of central record of this.

At the moment, looking over the pots in the basement, I see the following
species with three leaflets on the new seedlings: serratum, negishii,
sikokianum, consanguineum (not all forms), angustatum var. peninsulae,
maximowiczii and tortuosum. Some of these are special forms/varieties and I
don't know if the pattern covers the entire species.

I also have the feeling that any of the species needing two cold periods to
produce leaflets (thunbergii, elephas) usually are trifoliolate.

Jim McClements

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