Roy Herold

MJ Hatfield oneota at AMES.NET
Tue Apr 6 21:24:09 CEST 1999

Roy Herold said, "Speaking from experience, I'd wager the ones with the
most growth are sikokianum, thunbergii, taiwanense, angustatum,
serratum, undulatifolium, and amurense. Am I close?"

You're close Roy. They are serratum, sikokianum, galeatum, consanquinum
and yamatense.

Thanks for the advice as to what to do. I am going to do something....

Another thing:
Dewey once gave instructions how not to lose very small tuber/corms.
Well, I've always had seed that, after a length of time, did not
germinate. Unsanitary as it may be, all the germinating mix with
ungerminated seeds goes outside on my Arisaema bed in spring, summer and
fall. Yes, I have all sorts of unidentified surprises germinating during
the year. But in winter the same mix goes into a reuse mix. I now have
Arisaemas growing in all sorts of other plants, wet to dry. Given enough
time I will have a mighty fine collection of "unknowns."

MJ Hatfield

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