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Mon Nov 16 02:37:16 CET 1998

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Subject: Pradhan Book News

Here is the latest message received by Roy Dicks at the NARGS Bookstore
on 11/13/08.

>We have despatched 7 packages consisting of 21 books by Registered
>AIRMAIL post on 06 November 98. The pressure on this title has been much
>and our binders have been slow. We expect more books to arrive soon and
>we will AIRMAIL the remaining 9 copies then. Meanwhile, please do let us
>know if you require further copies.

>Kindly inform us when the books arrive. Also many thanks for
>your help in selling them.

>Yours sincerely,

>Tej K. Pradhan (Mrs), Publisher
>Primulaceae Books

So, the elephant has left and must be trudging across India by now. I
the books don't get wet when he swims the Ganges,

<GRSJr at>

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