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In a message dated 111298 2:26:22 AM, you wrote:

>Does good seed (i.e. swollen fruits) result from seed picked that has
enlarged >fully, but is still green at the time the stem goes down?


(I'll depend on Craig or Ray to answer your other questions.) In my exper=ience
with several species, if the berries are still green, but full size or cl=ose
to it, when the stem wilts, they usually contain viable seed. Leave the
seedhead in a dry place until the berries do turn red and soften, and the=n the
seeds can be squeezed from the berries, dried,  and sent to the exchange.
Fruit of A. sikokianum almost never turns red here before the stem goes d=own,
but the seeds have always turned out to be viable, and the same was true =this
year of A. candidissimum.


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