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Hi Roy:

>Do we have two species here? I think so. Tony: did you wind up with two
>different types from your collections? My question to Guy (or any other
>expert) is what characteristic does one use to key out fargesii and
>franchetianum? As for stunning, I found my 'pseudofranchetianum' (probab=ly
>true franchetianum) to be far more interesting than the ho-hum (but nice=)
>fargesii type.
>--Roy Herold
>N. Reading, MA

So, the photo at is a franchetianu=m?
And the one at is a fargesii? Or no=?

I have a fargesii coming up and I am told that there is a possibility tha=t
it is A. franchetianum. Having just visited the links above I am not sure
what to hope for.

Kind Regards,


Rand Nicholson
New Brunswick
Maritime Canada, Z 5b
<writserv at>

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