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Subject: A. saxitile - Kaichen and A, echinatum - Tamang


Here are the dimensions and colors of the Kaichen A. saxitile:

Total plant height: 16.5 cm.
Leaf: 1 pedatisect
Leaflets: 9  size
Inflorescence: Two. Note one is not opening had been attacked by a snail.
Height from ground to top of limb:    1.9 cm., well below leaves. Shaped
like an hour glass with markedly smaller diameter just below where the
limb attaches to the tube.
Spathe: total length 6.4 cm., upright limb 3.5 cm, light green, no
markings, wraps around spadix similar to    Pinellia.
Spadix: 2.2 cm straight cylindrical extension bent forward slightly, pale
yellow color, much shorter then spathe limb. Abrupt transition to
extension, only one kind of flowers, male - I think..

stipitate or not??  My copy of 'Botany for Gardeners' doesn't talk about
stiptate, nor does my dictionary. I know stipes are fern stalks, but how
to relate that to Arisaema escapes me. I've sent for a plant
identification nomenclature book.

I do note that the stems of both inflorescences emerge from the ground
and so must join the stem below ground level, if at all.

I also measured the two Madan Tamang A. echinatum that have emerged the
second year from seed.

Plant #1.
Total plant height: 15.2 cm.
Leaf: 1 radiate
Leaflets: 6  size: 5.1-6.4 x 2.5-3.2 cm, linear shaped.

Plant #2.
Total plant height: 13.9 cm.
Leaf: 1 radiate
Leaflets: 5  size: 1.3-1.9 x 0.6 cm, linear shaped.

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