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Subject: Re: Kaichen's A. saxatile


I don't have either of the Kaichen numbers you refer to, but I do have an
A. saxitile from Kaichen. It is very small so far, has a leaf divided
much like A. tortuosum, dracontium, etc. with 3 leaflets on one side and
6 leaflets on the other. The end leaves on the 6 branch are still
unfurling.  There are two inflorescences emanating from th base of the
stem at ground level or below. They look somewhat like a pinellia before
the spadix emerges. Neither is open at this point. The color is plain
green, like tortuosum. In fact, if the plant weren't so small - about 28
cm - I'd think it is A. tortuosum. Except, both inflorescences are held
well below the leaves and emanate from ground level. They're held above
the leaflets and emanate from way above ground level on the tortuosum.

The other tortuosum located nearby - north side of the house - are fully
up and blooming, but the ones on the south side of the house haven't even
emerged from the soil yet. They were very late - mid August - last year

So, I don't really know what the supposed A. saxitile is. The number of
leaflets and leaf structure agrees with your findings, but the pair of
inflorescences is odd. One had the tip eaten off by a snail - which I
promptly dispatched, but the other is whole. It will be interesting to
see them develop.

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