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Mon May 25 11:44:27 CEST 1998

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Subject: Identification of Marc's unknown #6
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At 16:23 21-5-98 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Guy and Eric-
> Attached you'll find a JPEG of the unknown #6. The anthers are a dark
>brown/red color. the leaf and the flower branch low on the plant only
>1-2cm from the ground and the whole plant is only about 18-20cm high.

I have put the picture on the Arisaema identification/unknown page at:

Discussion will be added to the reply page (part of the identification pa=ge).

We do have a green form of A.costatum that resembles this picture, but I
have seen so much variation in Arisaema this weekend in the garden of Guy
Gusman, that I'll keep silent for a while. I'm sure Guy and others will r=eply!

by the way if there are links to our Arisaema page, it has moved to:

>        I also have another unknown blooming I think Sp#5.It is quite
>interesting. It has thirteen leaflets some of which actually fork half
>way down the leaflet. the spathe is light green. But the spadix has that
>wrinkled appearance like that of an amorphophallus. The top of the
>spathe is slightly elongated into a tail. I can scan a photo of that one
>if you wish as well.

Ok, Marc send me the picture/image

>Thanks for taking the time to help me out in
>identifying the plants in my collection. I just wish there was a good
>taxonomic key  that I could work from. Well perhaps when I do my
>graduate work...
> Marc

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