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I have been trying to sit this one out but can't hold it any longer.

We were told that they did not have any zanlancianense this season.  Not
"none left" but rather more in the tone of "we have never had any", "we
thought we would have it but it didn't turn up" kind of thing (my words n=ot
theirs by the way).

Another nice little species has popped up its head in Tamang's griffithii.
No griffithii of course !
So far we have had 
2/red-edged sp looking like verrucosum in leaf shape. Unflowered.
3/ Something that looks a bit like elephas but isn't, green spathe toning
to brown at top and the base. Spadix brown, thickened at base, long hangi=ng
out of the spathe mouth JUST to ground level. Rather interesting but just
the one tuber it seems.
4/ nepenthoides, spotted these before planting, confirmed with that lovel=y
zebra-striped stem.
and now this one, 
5/tall slim elegant, radiatisect 22cm in diameter, with a 40cm tall leaf
stem, spathe below this is 30 cm from ground, 9 cm long, totally and
utterly lizard green, no stripes no toning no variation just solid green,
spathe and spadix, fascinating. Not jacquemontii, not anything I recognis=e.

Must get Pradhan's book out, it may also help me to decide what the
"echinatum" are, and what the other three species in the "ostiolatum" are
(strangely quite a lot were ostiolatum) - cynical ? me ?

At 09:28 24/05/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Thanks Paul. Alan, I believe you're correct. Whatever was in the nearest
>basket filled the order.
>Paul, your description is closer to Alan's except for stem markings. Bot=h
>are a far cry from my very tall radiate plant. I sure wish I'd been here
>when the inflorescence was out.
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