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I ordered A. zanlanscianense and it is up and apparently about to bloom.
It is about 2 1/2 ft. tall with a stirrup with 16 narrow leaflets and a
vestigial center leaflet.  The stem is either unmarked or faintly marked
(these notes were taken at dusk).  The flower pops out of the stem about =4"
- 5" below the junction with the stirrup and sticks straight up (it is no=w
only a bud and it looks as if the bloom will not be large - we'll see).
When it was coming up, a sheath rose 6" - 8" before the leaf and stem bro=ke
out.  I have it growing in a pot so I should be able to get a good pictur=e
of it in the next few days.

Hope this is helpful.

Paul Botting
zone 6b

At 07:06 PM 5/23/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Thanks for responding to my quiry on A. zanlanscianense. So far we have
>two completely different plants   with supposedly the same name.
>Allen's has the typical horseshoe shaped leaf, and a somewhat brown
>mottling on the stem.
>Mine is truely radiate with no marking on the stem at all.
>Does anyone else have one of these plants? And, Allen, I'm not clear if
>yours came fron Kaichen or another source.
>Does anyone have a description of A. zanlanscianense? How about you
>people working on the new english translation of "Flora of China". I kno=w
>it's listed in the old translated key, but without description. Is there
>a description in the draft version of the new translation?
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