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We ordered from Nurserymans Haven in India about 5 years ago.  Th=is is the
nursery that shipped sauromatum as 5 different named arisaemas.
Interestingly, the sauromatums from there are very different from those
that we were growing previously.  The stems are might lighter green witho=ut
the gloss that we normally see.  The leaves are also much wider than
typical.  The flowers are easily 3" wide, compared to 1" wide in the ones
we normally grow.  I assume this is a regional varient, but a very nice o=ne.
At 09:06 PM 5/22/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Tony, All,
>I think that the thing that was the Tymphonium on Kaichen's site was the=re
>as "Arisaema rhizomatum".  rhiz, rhomb what the hell, can we say hell on
>this list ? well anyway.  I think(?) that that was the tymphonium.  We h=ave
>their A. rhombiforme just coming up now so will pass on any news as and=
>Re identities of the Tamang material, that was running in a parallel
>thread, I am appaled by the stuff that I have had this last season.
>Whatever promises I and others received last year were very hollow based=on
>the material supplied. Unless you are an A.intermedium freak.  All thing=s
>accepted about third world plants, nuseries etc, these are some of the
>worst named things I have ever had from anyone.
>Interestingly I had duplicates of the names from another source, and mos=t
>of the duplicated names also turned out to be the same wrongly named
>species.  I have put this badly, but lets say that Tamang's griffithii w=ere
>all intermedium ,then so were the others source's, Tamang's xxx their xx=x,
>I cannot help but think that they are all coming from the same source an=d
>just being passed on - the source ? well there was just one label in one=of
>the shipments, jammed under a box flap, in the best traditions of botani=cal
>thriller novels, and the name was......
>Nurseryman's Haven, Kalimpong 734301 India. I have not heard of them
>before, but it makes you wonder.  
>In fairness their erubescens were concinnum, just as Guy has shown they
>should be.  It seems that they have managed to work it all out before Gu=y
>published his paper finally setting the matter straight....... (;-) - jo=ke.
>I am now rambling.
>At 11:59 22/05/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>        Has anyone else had Kaichen's Arisaema rhombiforme to flower.  =It
>>reported earlier that the picture on the sit indicated Typhonium
>>rhombiforme, but our plant in flower now is a spectacular A.
>>fargesii...anyone else have any comments on this.
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