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Tony, All,

I think that the thing that was the Tymphonium on Kaichen's site was ther=e
as "Arisaema rhizomatum".  rhiz, rhomb what the hell, can we say hell on
this list ? well anyway.  I think(?) that that was the tymphonium.  We ha=ve
their A. rhombiforme just coming up now so will pass on any news as and=

Re identities of the Tamang material, that was running in a parallel
thread, I am appaled by the stuff that I have had this last season.
Whatever promises I and others received last year were very hollow based =on
the material supplied. Unless you are an A.intermedium freak.  All things
accepted about third world plants, nuseries etc, these are some of the
worst named things I have ever had from anyone.

Interestingly I had duplicates of the names from another source, and most
of the duplicated names also turned out to be the same wrongly named
species.  I have put this badly, but lets say that Tamang's griffithii we=re
all intermedium ,then so were the others source's, Tamang's xxx their xxx=,
I cannot help but think that they are all coming from the same source and
just being passed on - the source ? well there was just one label in one =of
the shipments, jammed under a box flap, in the best traditions of botanic=al
thriller novels, and the name was......

Nurseryman's Haven, Kalimpong 734301 India. I have not heard of them
before, but it makes you wonder.  

In fairness their erubescens were concinnum, just as Guy has shown they
should be.  It seems that they have managed to work it all out before Guy
published his paper finally setting the matter straight....... (;-) - jok=e.

I am now rambling.


At 11:59 22/05/98 -0400, you wrote:
>        Has anyone else had Kaichen's Arisaema rhombiforme to flower.  I=t=
>reported earlier that the picture on the sit indicated Typhonium
>rhombiforme, but our plant in flower now is a spectacular A.
>fargesii...anyone else have any comments on this.
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