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From: Eric Gouda <E.J.Gouda at BOTU.BIO.UU.NL>
Subject: Re: kaichen Sp#6 and others / Arisaema identification pages
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Marc, Diane and all others,

Please send picturese or images of any unidentified species to me and I w=ill
put them on our special "Casus Pro Diagnosi - Arisaema Identification Pag=e",
a link can be found on:
or directly:

The following text will be found on this page also:
This page can be used to put images of your unidentified species of Arisa=ema
for discussion and review by specialists on the Internet. Additions will =be
published on Arisaema-L discussion list. Images, slides, photos of fertil=e
plants are preferable including as much origin information as possible an=d
can be sent to the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens (P.O.Box 80.162,
NL-3508 TD Utrecht, The Netherlands). Replies about the images will be
published as part of this page.

I would like to invite all of you to use this page for identification
purposes, a description can be added to make identification more easy.

Hope this will help!

>I just bloomed a species from Kaichen that is labeled #6 The plant has a
>smaller tripartate leaf with a green inflorescence with a filamentous
>spadix tail. I looked at the pictures on the AEG's china page and can't
>find anything like it. Has anyone bloomed this unknown and identified
>it? I 'll scan a picture if anyone is interested.

Marc, Yes I'm interested, see above

from Diane:

>The one I have labelled as #6 has 11 leaflets on a stem with narrow brow=n
>vertical lines.  The flower has white stripes alternating with stripes o=f
>green and brown together.  The tail sticks up about 3 or 4 cm.
>One of my two A. candidissimum is up and flowering, and is not
>candidissimum.  It has three leaflets and a plain green stem.  The spadi=x
>is dark purple and curved forward, but hidden by the downturned tip of
>the spathe.  Both the tip and the base of the 7 cm flower are purple, wi=th
>green and white stripes in the middle.  It smells like a violet. (Viola
>The plant labelled A. saxatile has two leaves, one with three parts, and
>the other with five.  These parts are of different sizes.  The leaves ar=e
>a bright green, and have small scallops along the edges.  The flower is
>plain bright green, 7 cm high, and just above ground level.  The bottom
>part of the spadix is bumpy and white, the top part is cream.  When it
>first flowered, the air around smelled like an Arum, but this stopped by
>the evening.

By example: I would like to add text like this, including an image on the
identification pages

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