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Hi all,

Rob McClure and I organised a group purchase from Tamang as well.

Before placing the order I received an assurance from him that the materi=al
was correctly named.  He assured me that he had fixed
the problems!  This was clearly misleading.

Not only did this not prove to be the case but he doubled the order, doub=le
frieght, double everything.

The stock is supposed to be largely Nursery grown and I fail to see how t=his
can be the case unless we are talking deliberate fraud.

To me it is imperative that something be done about this.  The AEG lists
this nursery on its listing of suppliers.  I suggest that we should be go=ing
a step further and putting a note stating that continuing difficulties ex=ist
with the naming of tubers.  The AEG should not provide free, unconditiona=l,
advertising to an operation that obviously does not care about what he is

If on the other hand the tubers are wild dug and the supplier does not ev=en
know what he is doing then I believe the problem is even worse!!  As a gr=oup
that has put many thousands of dollars into his pocket we should do

My next question moves on to Kaichen.  So far we have not been involved w=ith
this organisation but I worry about the source of their material.  Though
they call themselves a nursery it is reasonably clear to me that the
material is wild collected?  On field trips Botanic Gardens do not even t=ake
herbarium specimens of Orchids due to cites restrictions yet Kaichen supp=ly
C.I.T.E.S. certificates.  We all want to grow this rare material but our
purchases seem to be encouraging the destruction of this material in the
wild.  If we don't buy they won't dig!

>All in all I am again amazed by the poor quality of knowledge about the
>identities of Arisaemas. What a mess. And this is really unnecessary, si=nce
>all these species are well-known through literature.

Greg Ruckert
Australian Areae Collection

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