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The one I have labelled as #6 has 11 leaflets on a stem with narrow brown
vertical lines.  The flower has white stripes alternating with stripes of
green and brown together.  The tail sticks up about 3 or 4 cm.

One of my two A. candidissimum is up and flowering, and is not
candidissimum.  It has three leaflets and a plain green stem.  The spadix
is dark purple and curved forward, but hidden by the downturned tip of
the spathe.  Both the tip and the base of the 7 cm flower are purple, wit=h
green and white stripes in the middle.  It smells like a violet. (Viola

The plant labelled A. saxatile has two leaves, one with three parts, and
the other with five.  These parts are of different sizes.  The leaves are
a bright green, and have small scallops along the edges.  The flower is
plain bright green, 7 cm high, and just above ground level.  The bottom
part of the spadix is bumpy and white, the top part is cream.  When it
first flowered, the air around smelled like an Arum, but this stopped by
the evening.

Diane Whitehead

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