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Fri May 15 15:50:04 CEST 1998

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Subject: to Guy re 'pangii'
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Guy - my one plant of 'pangii' was bought early this year from Amand.
Most of my description echoes what Paul has just said.
Spathe-tube is white with very little marking, spathe-blade is coloured
with pale olive brown. Spadix appendage was white, now becoming faintly
green towards tip and there is pink flecking at the base. Two green
shiny leaves with wavy and entire margins, three leaflets with only the
central one petiolulate; the leaf margins were a bright orange/peach
colour when they emerged which matched the very striking orange leaf
stem with brown interrupted zigzag markings. The colour has toned down a
bit but in no way could be described as red (all my speciosum v.
mirabile have varying red leaf margins for comparison).
The spathe emerged from the pale cataphylls before the leaves in a
rather ghostly way but now that the plant is complete it really is very
handsome - look forward to hearing if we should definitely call it
Anne Chambers

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