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Subject: the so-called "A. pangii"
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Don't be afraid, I wouldn't shoot you for so little, but...
The plant - sold as A. elephas by Kaichen -  you're speaking of and you
have seen in bloom in my garden, is a very small version of A. elephas, a
form which more or less matches the description of A. parvum N.E. Brown.
A. pangii H. Li has nothing to do with A. elephas. According to H. Li's
original description, from the shape of the spathe, the spadix appendage
and from its bumpy tuber, A. pangii probably falls in section ARISAEMA
sensu J. Murata, and looks like a non-auriculate A. nepenthoides or A.
wattii. To my knowledge, today, this species is not in cultivation in the

In any event, A. pangii H. Li and Kaichen's species are very likely
completely different species, the latter being very close to A. lobatum.
Notice that A. lobatum is distributed through nearly all China, from east
to west, thus it could be supposed that A. lobatum varies much.

If you could be allowed to put a photo of H. Li's A. pangii on the WEB,
we'd all love to look at.


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