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O.k. guys,

Maybe I better confess now............I have a living specimen of Arisaem=a

Happy dreams,

>Here's the totality of my knowledge on the subject.
>PLANT NAME: Arisaema prazeri Hook. f.
>     TROPICOS #: 0023-01562
>     PUBLICATION: The Flora of British India vi. 501. 1893.
>     JOUR/BOOK ID: L00922
>Obviously it's an old species name (1893).
>It is listed as current in the Arisaema of India List by:
>Shri Niwas Singh
>Centre for Ecological Sciences
>Indian Institute of Science
>Bangalore - 560012.
>who also lists
>Dr. S.P. Mathew (TBGRI wala)
>Tropical Botanic Garden & Research Institute
>Palode, Thiruvananthapuram
>Kerala - 695562 India
>as an expert in Indian aroids.
>All I have in my Arisaema notes is:
>A. prazeri
>        Leaves:         2, tri-parted.
>        Stalk:
>        Spathe:
>        Spadix:
>        Misc.:      India, China
>which would lead me to believe it's published in one of the papers used
>to compile this information.
>Perhaps 'Flora of China?' Ah! Indeed it is. Here is a section of the key
>from 'Flora of China':
>    1. Tuber globose; spathe not auriculate at mouth.
>        2. Leaf blade entire or 3-parted, lobes long and narrow,
>lanceolate or elliptic, middle lobe 10-17 x 1.0-2.5 (-3.5) cm; appendix
>long and thin, linear, 9-16 cm long, pendulous.
>                                                        6. A. bathycoelu=m
>       2. Leaf blade 3-parted, lobes broader; appendix long or short.
>           3. Leaf solitary; plants dioecious [infl. male or female];
>appendix 5-6 cm long, slightly recurved; central leaf lobe
>elliptic-lanceolate, 10-19 x 5-12 cm
>                                                        8. A. yunnanense
>          3. Leaves 2; plants dioecious or monoecious [infl. bisexual or
>male]; appendix linear, attenuate, 8-40 cm long; central lobe
>ovate-oblong, 22-24 x 10 cm
>                                                        7. A. prazeri
>Hook f.
>There is also a drawing of the plant.
>As you know, this is one of the many documents available from AEG for th=e
>cost of the postage.
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