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Hi Ray,

Calla palustris does not appear to be invasive.  I have only encountered
isolated plants or small colonies of three to six plants.  I do not know =if
this is because the plant is not aggressive,  or if it is just beaten bac=k
by tougher thugs.  I suppose there are inaccessible lakes of favored
habitat with huge drifts of the thing growing along the edges. What a
sight!  I hope to find them. I will be searching for seed this fall.  I
usually find it growing with Buckbean/Bogbean,  Menyanthes trifoliata.

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> From: George R Stilwell, Jr. <grsjr at JUNO.COM>
> Subject:
> Date: Saturday, May 09, 1998 10:28 AM
> Thanks everyone.
> I'll just have to put my Calla palustris seeds in with the ice cream fo=r
> a while
> Jaime, where they grow in the wild, are they invasive?  I live on a sma=ll
> lake and have
> been thinking about something to plant in a shallow area at one end. Bu=t,
> I don't want to have it
> take over the lake like water lilies do.
> Ray
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