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Hi, George (and others interested):

I successfully germinated Calla palustris this year by two methods:
1. Leave them outside in their bog pond all winter (zone 5a);
2. Put them in some water and throw them in the freezer, then thaw the=n refreeze (3-4 times)
I then left them in refrigerator for several weeks,  They went mol=dy but this did not
seem to bother them.  In the spring I tossed them onto dirt with a=bout 1/4" of water.

I don't know whether stratification is necessary but it certainly did no =harm--even the severe
regimen of going directly to the household freezer didn't hurt them.

Clarence Waldron
cwaldron at

From:   George R Stilwell, Jr.[SMTP:grsjr at JUNO.COM]
Sent:   Thursday, May 07, 1998 3:42 PM
Subject:        Calla palustris

Can someone help me with germination information for Calla palustris?
I've had NARGS 5478 seed
in a Deno type bag for over 60 days now and they look just like the day I
put them in the bag.

Does Calla palustris require stratification, light, gibberellins, or
something to get it started?

<GRSJr at>

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