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Thu Jun 25 14:41:10 CEST 1998

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From: "George R Stilwell, Jr." <grsjr at JUNO.COM>
Subject: Kaichen and Tamang Plant Identity Summary 6-25-98

An attempt at summarizing the findings on Kaichen and Tamang orders
received so far:
Please respond by annotating a reply (and changing the date in the
"Subject") so that we can have a more complete and correct summary.
Hopefully the tabs will survive transmission, if not, there are three
columns; Ordered As, Actually Received, and Commentators. The first
section is for Kaichen followed by a section for Tamang.

Ordered As           Actually
Received                        Commentators
A. bathycoleum          A. ?
A. brevipes                     A. ?
A. candidissimum                A.
candidissimum                   Christian
"  "                    A.
fargesii                                Avent
A. fargesii                             A. ?
A. franchetianum                A. ?
A. inkiangense                  A. ?
A. lingyunense                  A. ?
A. omeiense             A.
omeiense                        Gusman/Christian
A. rhizomatum                   A. ?
A. rhombiforme                  A.
fargesii                                McClements/Stilwell/Avent
A. saxatile             Typhonium kunmingense H. Li
(aff.)  Gusman/Stilwell
A. zanlanscianense              A.
consanguineum                   Gusman/Stilwell
A. sp. 1                                A.
saxitile                                Gouda/Avent
A. sp. 2                                A.
elephas                 Gusman.
A. sp. 3                                A. lobatum
(aff.)                  Gusman/Herold
A. sp. 4                                A. ?
A. sp. 5                                A.
handelii                        Christian
A. sp. 6                                A. ?
A. sp. 7                        Typhonium ???
(aff.)          Christian

P. cordata                      (Probably
not)                    Stubbs
P. integrifolia                         P. ?
P. peltatum                     P. ?
P. ternata                              P. ?

Ordered As           Actually
Received                        Commentators
A. concinnum            A.
concinnum                       Hetterscheid
A. costatum             A.
intermedium                     Hetterscheid
A. echinatum            (? not
echinate)                       Christian
A. erubescens           A.
concinnum                       Gusman/Christian
A. griffithii var. pradhanii    A.
verrucosum                      Ruckert
"  "                    (a mixed
bag)                    Christian
A. verrucosum           A. griffithii var.
pradhanii               Hetterscheid (some)
"  "                    A.
elephas                 Ruckert/Hetterscheid (some)

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