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In a message dated 61798 8:00:39 AM, Jim Waddick wrote:

<<  While we are on the subject of  Pinellia, just how many are in
We probably all grow P. ternata and P. tripartita, even if we can='t
help it. Both are quite distinct.
Some of us also grow a form with a purple lip to the spathe and
foliage in - between the former two species. I have found this spring tha=t
the three do not bloom simultaneously and seem to each come true from see=d.
In discussion with an  'aroid expert' (name withheld to protect....) , I
suggested that these might be three different species with the purple
lipped  as yet formally undescribed . I think Tony A. referred to it in a
catalog as 'atropurpurea'?
Bottom line is we don't have enough info on variation within thes=e
two/three species or a clear understanding of distribution to formalize t=he
differences between these three 'trifoliate' pinellias.
Anyone want to throw in some ideas here? Even a biased opinion or=two.


Here's a somewhat belated biased opinion!

I don't see any resemblance at all between "the dreaded" Pinellia ternata=and
the other two, except for three leaflets. However, I think that P. tripar=ta
and "atropurpurea" are two forms of the same species. Except for the colo=r of
the spathe, they seem identical.

I also grow a Pinellia that no one has mentioned, but it doesn't really c=ount!
It's called 'Polly Spout' and is a spontaneous(?)  hybrid between P.
tripartita and P. pedatisecta that WeDu nursery was selling a few years a=go.
Unfortunately, it's sterile and has shown no sign of being a clumper.

Jim McClements

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