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Subject: A. rhombiforme - Kaichen

Brief report on A. rhombiforme - Kaichen. I bought 2. One tuber is
completely mush. The second is up and blooming.

Plant is 26.5 cm tall with 3 radiate leaflets on one stem and a single
leaf on a smaller stem which exits with the peduncle of the spathe, which
is held below the main leaf, and is held erect slightly above the spathe
but well below the main leaflets. These leaflets are shaped like a broad
spearhead; 8.3 cm long by 5.7 cm wide and are slightly glossy above and

The spathe tube is cylindrical and tightly closed at this point; 3.8 cm x
1.3 cm. The limb is held horizontally and is 8.9 cm long tapering to a
long slender tip which does not droop at all. It has a slight curl to it
like a pigs tail. Both tube and limb are beautifully striped in brown &
green, both dull colors with a matte surface, yet the striping is quite
distinct. The very tip (curly part) is green and is about 1 cm long.

The stem has a reddish cast up to where the spathe exits. Both stems
above this point are a uniform light green.

It's a cute little bugger. But, you need to view it close up to
appreciate it.

I only have the Kaichen picture of A. rhombiforme to go by. It looks
similar, as near as I can tell. But, the plant is much better looking
then the picture. The picture has two sets of 3 part leaves where the
plant has the one single leaf stem. The plant sits more upright than the
picture. Perhaps that plant had to pose too long and got tired.

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