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While we are on the subject of  Pinellia, just how many are in
We probably all grow P. ternata and P. tripartita, even if we can='t
help it. Both are quite distinct.
Some of us also grow a form with a purple lip to the spathe and
foliage in - between the former two species. I have found this spring tha=t
the three do not bloom simultaneously and seem to each come true from see=d.
In discussion with an  'aroid expert' (name withheld to protect....) , I
suggested that these might be three different species with the purple
lipped  as yet formally undescribed . I think Tony A. referred to it in a
catalog as 'atropurpurea'?
Bottom line is we don't have enough info on variation within thes=e
two/three species or a clear understanding of distribution to formalize t=he
differences between these three 'trifoliate' pinellias.
Anyone want to throw in some ideas here? Even a biased opinion or=two.

And of course there's the lovely P. pedatisecta, a husky favorite=,
and  P cordata.

And I do have a couple very small unahppy P. peltatum from a frie=nd
in China. All I can say is that the foliage is indeed peltate, but the
behavior suggest a Typhonium - above ground stolons that bury into the
ground and  produce small  bulblets.

P. integrifolia is mentioned in "Hardy Herbaceous Perennials' by
Jellitto and Sachts. Does this mean it is available in Germany? An Austri=an
friend has no knowledge of it.  The RHS Plant Finder does not list it. Is
this around in Europe somewhere?

Best            jim W.

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