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Paul Botting asked about my different clones of P. cordata.  Yes, one cam=e
from Don Jacobs, and is (was - more in a moment) as he describes it -
silver veins, purple backsides on the leaf.  The other comes from a
friend, who got it from Japan - to my eye the coloration is much richer
than in the Jacobs plant, with darker greens, brighter silvers, and deepe=r
purples, particularly along the petioles.  It is also much larger - just
from memory, I'd say leaves up to 8" aren't uncommon on the mature plants
- but certainly not large enough to lose its charm.  Anyway, I've pretty
much abandoned the Jacobs clone in favor of this one.

I don't think I said it need a cold period - just cool - but I will admit
that I've never tried keeping it warm during its entire dormancy.  The
basement tends towards the 50s in winter.  I do think it's a good idea no=t
to let the little bulbils get too dry during dormancy.

I believe Craig Stubbs said he overwinters it outdoors in Toronto.  True,


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