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<< share Jim's interest in the "obscure Pinellia species."  Besides the f=our
common ones Jim mentions, TROPICOS lists four other  species as apparentl=y
valid (P. cochinchinensis, fornicata, integrifolia and peltata), however,=the
citation for P. cochinchinensis Wright is merely to a list of seeds recei=ved
from "Siagon, Cochin, China."  It gives as a synonym for this species Ari=saema
cochinchinensis Blume, changes the genus to Pinellia, credits W.F.Wright,=but
gives no citation.  Is this a valid citation?

Does anyone know of sources for these other species?

Clarence Waldron
cwaldron at


Kaichen is offering Pinellia integrifolia on their '98 list. Of course, l=ast
year they offered both it and P. peltata, but, as far as I know, no one e=ver
received either.

The other two are new names to me, but fornicata certainly sounds interes=ting.


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