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At 12:26 PM 6/16/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Ray,
>Although the EMail address is my husband Robert Diebold,  all postings a=re
>from Bobbie Lively-Diebold.  Although my husband is brilliant in math an=d
>physics and digs great holes for me in the garden, he still can't rememb=er
>one plant from another.
>Arisaema saxitile's spadix of my plant from Kaichen is entirely inside t=he
>spathe.  The bloom I cut has dried up before I could draw it.  I'll have=to
>operate on the other.  I was hoping to drive my plants over to Dan Nicol=son
>of the Smithsonian for identification, however, no one has returned my
>message and Alice & Dan may be out of town.
>On another matter, I have not been able to open the attachments that Pau=l
>Christenson has sent.  My computer states that it does not have the
>capability to read the message.  Anyone have any advice on what I can do=or
>perhaps resend his recent messages again not as an attachment?
>Bobbie Not Robert

All I've had to do is rename them into a word processor, either
Wordperfect or Works work for me by adding the .wps or .wpd.  joan

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