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Tue Jun 16 18:51:50 CEST 1998

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From: Paul Christian <paul at RAREPLANTS.CO.UK>
Subject: A curse on Eudora Pro
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All, Bobbie,

I don't know what the problem is.  I have simply upgraded to a better ver=sion that allows me to filter and junk some sending.  I didn't realise th=at it also junked up what I was sending out.  Apologies to all of you.

As it stands I am not sending anything as an attachement, the programme a=ppears to do that regardless.  I cannot figure it, yes I have already RTF=M, such as it is, it is no help.

I HAVE tried re-configuring yet again, If you can read this great, if it =is rubbish please email me back and I will try and trace it.

:-(   Paul sitting unhappily surrounded by all-male Arisaemas

>On another matter, I have not been able to open the attachments that Pau=l
>Christenson has sent.  My computer states that it does not have the
>capability to read the message.  Anyone have any advice on what I can do=or
>perhaps resend his recent messages again not as an attachment?
>Bobbie Not Robert

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